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  • Balance | Simplicity | Design

    Provisions in multimedia digitation | focus areas in gaming | audio tracks | web-marketing pursuits | animation developments.


Why I choose graphical designs

I'm a graphic designer in love with creativity and working with the essential tools to produce graphical designs for industries needing a creative edge to make their company, websites or marketing materials come alive. I hope your company finds potential with the content on my website and invites me for a interview to discuss the position and my skills further. I am open to work from home at my workstation. Thank you!

About Me


Martin Antonetty

Owner: Graphic Designer

Furious Teamplayer

I’m delegated to working as a graphic designer and strive to do the best work possible on each project I work on. My experience includes interactive design, user experience, motion graphics, web design, game design and light coding.

I would like to take part in contributing to the graphic design industry with your company. I know your company is a right place for me to contribute and advance my skills within the industry. I’m hoping your company finds potential in my experience thus far and you will consider interviewing me to be part of your team.

Processing A | Sample Audio Track: Anime Ra Ra

Owner: Digitation Implements Martin Antonetty | Graphic Designer: From Album: Amongst A Mutant

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Web Graphics

Web Design

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My Skills

Work Proficient In Various Applications:

• Microsoft Office
• Word, PowerPoint and Excel
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Fuse, Lightroom, Photoshop, Animate
• Illustrator, InDesign
• Smith Micro, Clip Art, Poser Pro
• Excellent Customer Relationship Skills
  • WEB DESIGN 95%
  • HTML5 CSS3 90%
  • WordPress 85%
  • SEO 80%

Projects | Portfolio

Copyright Protected Anime 2016:

I came up with the name "Latmian of Ra'" from two similar ancient stories: The portion of the name 'Latmian" comes from a Greek Mythology "Ra", as you would guess, comes from Egyptian Mythology. The two titles have a similar store behind them whereas Ra the Sun God would be known to travel into space come home to earth with news, education for his people. Its also stated in history when he did travel he found a love interest from space. Now "Latmian" is not a person but a place in Greece I cove/cave - golf. Where Prince Endymion was given the rights by Zeus to lay with his Lunar Princess Selene the Goddess of the Moon...More to this story as interesting as it sounds. My Anime/Game combines both lovely stories to tell the tale of "Latmian of Ra" Thus in their lovely passionate tale they bare a child and that's where the story adventure takes off.. :)

Projects | Building Applications: In current Process


Projects | Building Applications: In current Process

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