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Provisions in Multimedia Digitation focus areas in Gaming | Audio Tracks | Web-Marketing pursuits and Animation Developments.

About Me

Why I choose graphical designs

I'm a graphic designer in love with creativity and working with the essential tools to produce graphical designs for industries needing a creative edge to make their company, websites or marketing materials come alive. I hope your company finds potential with the content on my website and invites me for an interview to discuss the position and my skills further. I am open to working from home at my workstation. Thank you!


Owner: Martin Antonetty

Digitation Implements | Graphic Designer

Furious Teamplayer

I’m delegated to working as a graphic designer and strive to do the best work possible on each project I work on. My experience includes interactive design, user experience, motion graphics, web design, game design and light coding.

I work well with a wide range of digital media marketing, including websites designs, brand identity design, flyer’s, business cards, infographics for your clients and the individual company’s looking for digital advertisement. I will succeed in your company’s business and client’s online advertisements. I also, adapted well working with social media campaigns I don’t use and do well with those I do use. Finally, I excelled with my assignments at DeVry University and graduated making dean’s list twice in my academic career. I believe I would be a great fit working in the marketing section of any company as a designer because, in addition to my background. I’ve acquired many skills necessary to perform as a successful sale which would be needed to accommodate your company's clients.