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Balance | Simplicity | Design

Provisions in Multimedia Digitation focus areas in Gaming | Audio Tracks | Web-Marketing pursuits and Animation Developments.

Free Sample Games


Owner: Martin Antonetty

Digitation Implements | Graphic Designer

Rocket Booster Game

Navigation : (A) Left & (D) Right (SpaceBar) Thrust try and complete 8 Levels by not hitting obstacles btw, only landing on (Blue Launch Pad & Green Landing Pad) to stay alive. Click on image to start. Thank you.. :)

Portal Reign

Navigation : (A) Left (D) Right (W) Up (S) Down (SpaceBar) Shoots | Objective: Avoid crashing into ships and landing pad, shoot all enemy ships. I'm still working on the game will noticfy when I update. Thank you

Digitation Implements DBA.

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